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You've come to the right place. With years of experience and service can help you get an online internet merchant account today!

8 out of 10 businesses accept credit cards today, but the hard part of it is finding a secure credit card merchant account services. We are assuring again, you landed on the right place. With our solutions you can accept credit cards and debit cards. Many businesses have increased sales from 10 to 50% just by saying “YES” to accepting all forms of payments. That way your customer can apply the way they want to.

With online credit card merchant account services we can help set up your business with a full service merchant account. You business will be able to accept Visa® and MasterCard®. We have competitive rates too! Fill out the form to the right to have our representative contact you today.

Key Features of payment gateway

Integrates with almost all shopping carts to enable accepting credit cards

Your own Merchant Account

Your company's name in the customer's Credit Card statement

Online management facilities to manage payment transactions and customize the service

Verisign 128 bit SSL encryption for enhanced security

Advanced anti-fraud technologies and Fraud Detection Engines

Easy Integration Process

Easy installation, operation and management

Optimum server utilization at your site

Centralized and secure data management

upgradation and scalability

Facility for tracking status of transactions

Fraud Tracking Mechanism

Online MIS Reports


Most Payment Gateways have hidden costs associated with them that may not be disclosed in the beginning. This does not allow you to compare apples to apples. We are completely transparent about ALL costs involved with your Merchant Account. offers you unmatched flexible integration plans. Just analyse your business requirements and choose the best suitable option from below mentioned table. Regarding commercial aspects, the following are opening a New Merchant Account.

 Package Name  Setup Charge  TDR*  MMC*
 Plan 1  Rs. 10,000/-  5%  Rs.200/-
 Plan 2  Rs. 20,000/-  4.25%  Rs.200/-
 Plan 3  Rs. 30,000/-  3.5%  Rs.200/-

* TDR - Transaction Discount Rate
*MMC - Monthly Maintenance Charge

Service tax 12.35% is Applicable.

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